We aren’t good at math. But we are good at numbers, AND their story.

Many comment when we tell them we are accountants, “You are lucky you are good at math.”

Our response is, “We don’t do math. That’s what the software does.”

What we do is read the story the numbers (and many other factors) are telling us.  We are here to partner with our valuable business owner clients, and individuals, with growing and changing needs, to help see the bigger picture, understand the ins and outs of their small businesses, address necessary or recommended changes, and identify additional steps to accomplish your goals.

Good planning starts long before the tax return gets prepared. The tax return is the last step. And that is why we don’t start with tax return preparation services.

Are you ready to invest in your business while getting the advice you need, before it is too late? We would be happy to discuss the opportunity to work together. Please call 406.388.3624.