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from Gina J

May 29, 2018

Numbers talk!

Planning on finding a new CPA? Don't want to wait so long to get your tax return done next year? 

Now is the optimal time to seek out a CPA, or talk to us about your financials, so we can help you effectively. It's not a good plan to wait until tax season when everything is crazy, we haven't slept, are focused on hundreds of accounts all at once, and hyped up on coffee. It's like driving your car at 120 mph, with no oil in the engine, across the country, on bald tires, on icy roads, in heavy traffic, the whole way, and still expecting to make it to the destination, without breaking anything.  Is this when you want your CPA's "focused" attention?  

This goes for getting your financial statements looked at and adjusted too. This is not something we have time for during tax season, and it's not something to ever put off as the financials can tell you so much, and are great for decision making throughout the year. Don't just use them for compliance.  Use them to manage your company, and as a tool to make necessary changes before it's too late. Also, when you need them for a loan, or other matter, it's great to have them ready to go, and not have to wait for your CPA's schedule to open up weeks from now.

After a long tax season of trying to adjust books, and do taxes, in too short amount of time, we are changing how we allow things to be done.  We are providing monthly financials cleanup services and full accounting services to our business clients so we can help you more effectively throughout the year, so you can plan, and not just comply.  Your financials are very effective tools.  Let's sharpen them!

Business clients that work with us all year, keeping their financial statements, and other schedules sharpened will be given priority during tax season.  Clients with unadjusted books will be automatically extended.  Many think their books are good, this is never true, unless we did them, and prior to tax season.

Let's take your business to the next level by giving you better tools for decision making now.  What do all those numbers really have to say anyway?!  It's not just about taxes, it's your future!


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