Tax Season, Part II

Written by Gina

June 26, 2017

As July 1st is quickly approaching, marking the beginning of the push to get through the second tax season of 2017, working on completing all of the extended tax returns, plus working on many other projects, we are left to wonder what happened to the first half of 2017?!  It's a blur.

My son stopped by the office tonight.  He asked me when I would be home.  I replied, optomistically, looking up from my research, "in about 10 minutes I will pack up and be out of here." That was at 6 pm. I walked out of the office door at 7:30 pm. And, I'm sitting here working from my couch after 10 pm.

There is no slow time.  Tax work, accounting work, planning, and advising does not ever stop.  It's like parenting, there is no rest, and no down time.  But it is rewarding, or we wouldn't keep doing it. Somehow the very thing that keeps us tired, also keeps us going.  I know I speak for many entrepreneurs when I say that.  No? Okay, well I know there are a few of you.  I grew up on a farm in NE Montana having a hard work ethic instilled in me by my amazing parents, while competing to keep up with my hard working brothers, with my little sister tagging along. It was great training for an accounting career.

Speaking of hard working, I am pleased to announce the addition of our new accountant, Alyssa!  She has a degree in accounting, and is working on her Masters.  She will be taking the CPA exam in the near future as well.  Stay tuned for her professional profile update coming to our website soon.  I am excited to have the added, fresh knowledge she contributes along with her professionalism, and initiative! Thank you Alyssa!


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