Scams, Identity Theft and other import things to know...


December 23, 2015

My last post tonight, I promise!


For 2016:

  • The cents per mile for vehicle business mileage dropped to 54 cents per mile
  • The IRS will start accepting tax returns on January 19th for the start of the 2015 tax filing season, 
  • Please check my website frequently for other changes 


Fraud & Identity Theft:

If these criminals put their minds to positive and good things, contributing to society, just think of what the world could become.

There are alot of scams out there.  Just last week we got a call at the office that came up on caller ID as District of Columbia. They said they were serving me with an arrest warrant for tax crimes, or something to that effect. Oh make my day, I could actually get some sleep if I were to go to jail?!

While Ashley was concerned, I reminded her, first of all, I would have had several communications with the IRS by mail before anything ever came to that.  You would know it if you were in that much trouble.  Secondly, the IRS does not contact you by phone or email.

A couple hours later we got a phone call from a client that also got the same call.  If you ever get "contacted" by the "IRS", call us, it's most likely a scam.  Never give personal or financial information to anyone.


True IRS Notices (in the mail):

 If you ever do get a notice in the mail from the IRS notify us right away.  It is not a good idea to handle IRS matters yourself.  The last two real notices we have dealt with have turned out to be zero balance due by the time we straightened everything out.  Sometimes they are just looking for additional information as they process returns, but they send you a bill for the amount they are pursuing, just in case you might just pay the tax assessed. Never do this.  Sometimes, like me, and you, the IRS does make mistakes, and you get a tax bill. We straighten these out too. Notify us as soon as you get a notice, as they are time sensitive, and we have to work them into our schedule. Even on our Practioner Priority line a phone call wait time can be an hour anymore. It will be worth your money to have us handle IRS matters for you. There are alot of bad ways a meeting with the IRS can go if you are even a little uninformed.


Online Security:

Well, you have all seen the news.

Keep passwords strong, safe, and different.

Never do any banking or other confidential matters on a public wifi such as at your local coffee shop.

Secure your router and. use a long key password (just ask my boys, this is a big deterent).  They hate me for this.

Don't name your wifi network by something that identifies you. Use scrambled letters.

Make your wifi network nonbroadcasting so no one can even see it in their available network list.

Always close your browser after doing any online banking, and clear your cookies.

Don't let others on your private network, besides it can slow you down.


So lock down your wifi and sleep well tonight!


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