New tax return due dates you need to know!!


November 15, 2016

All payroll and 1099 forms need to be sent to the IRS, other authorities, and recipients by January 31st. This is one of many efforts the tax authorities are implementing to combat the large increase in tax fraud and identity theft.  In relation to the pushed up reporting date, refunds on tax returns won't begin to be released until after February 15th. 

For calendar year Partnership tax returns (Form 1065) the new filing deadline is March 15th, a month earlier than it used to be. This is now in line with the calendar year S Corporation deadline, also falling on March 15th. 

C Corporations (calendar year) are due April 15th instead of March 15th.

For reporting foreign accounts, the FBAR is now due April 15th, much earlier than the previous deadline of June 30th.

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